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Compliments to Your Health #18

Off To China...
by Joann Flora,
Acupressure, Nutrition Counseling, Qigong


September 23, 2003
Tuesday - 1:00 am


On September 25th, I am off for a month of study in China and my Sitnews articles will be on hold till I return. I will be spending that time with my teacher, Master Luke Chan, studying Level 3, Chi-Lel Qigong. Regular readers will recall previous articles on medical qigong and other aspects of Chinese Medicine. Chi-Lel is a medical style that I teach and employ in my acupressure practice.

Chan Lao-Shi (Teacher Master Luke Chan) & our retreat location in Zhong Shan China. No really, we really are going to work & study!
Photo courtesy Joann Flora

In the meantime, I wish you all a nice October as fall settles in upon us and remind you that in the Five Element System, we are in the transitional phase from Late Summer to Autumn. It's a good time to pay attention to your entire digestive system. Eat carefully. Don't overeat, but consume foods that warm you and stay with you. Begin to slow down in anticipation of winter and line your nesting box with warm things. Get lots of rest.

It's a good time to add some full spectrum lighting to your home if you're sensitive to the lack of natural sunlight we experience in the north. Rather than sit in front of a box, add full spectrum florescent lamps and incandescent bulbs to fixtures that light your personal space the most such as bathroom, reading lamps, and kitchen.

If any one cares to submit new topics for upcoming articles while I'm gone, please feel free to do that. When I return, I'll be writing about my experiences in China and will be happy to address your health concerns as well.

Hao La!



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