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Downtown Ketchikan - Part 2
by Gigi Pilcher


August 25, 2001
Web posted: 10:45 pm


Continued from Part 1 - Creek Street

Along the docks, three cruise ships prepared to pull anchor. A few people dozed off in the tranquil setting.

One of the most photographed eagle's in town, the gigantic carving by Nathan Jackson basked in the sun.

As the docks cleared of cruise ship visitors, Ketchikan residents Christine and Sam Mullenax enjoyed watching the ships leaving and families walking along the dock.

One Ketchikan fisherman was out relaxing by catching salmon and releasing them back into the Narrows.

As the last two cruise ships pulled up anchor and departed South.....water traffic on the Tongass Narrows continued to be lively with many folks going on late afternoon outings.


Digital Photos by Gigi Pilcher
Slide Show by Sitnews



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