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Fourth of July 2002
Ketchikan, Alaska

Photos of the 4th of July Rubber Duck Race, Rainbird Flyers Club & Timber Carnival
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Last Updated: July 7, 2002
Sunday - 1:30 pm


2002 Fourth of July Celebration - Stories In The News

4th of July Fireworks 2002 - Movie & Photos
4th of July Parade 2002 - The Spirit of Ketchikan
4th of July Kids' Parade - A Slide Show
4th of July Queen & Royal Court 2002
Class of '82 - Preparing For The 4th of July Parade


4th of July Fireworks 2002

Ketchikan fireworks - July 4, 2002

Digital Photos & MPEG Movie
by Dan Hart
©2002 Dan Hart

Click on this link to view a short movie that gives a glimpse of some of Ketchikan's July 4th fireworks display.

Note: This mpeg movie will begin playing when the download is complete. Download size is 1.7MB... MPEG movie by Dan Hart

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Click on this link to view a photo feture of the fireworks display. Digital photos by Dan Hart

Published: Sunday - July 07, 2002 - 1:30 am



4th of July Parade - The Spirit of Ketchikan

July 4th Parade - click to view a slide show

QuickTime 4th of July Parade - A Slide Show with 81 photos - 5.5MB download
Download a free QuickTime player - PCs & Macs - Easy to install.

Web posted: Saturday - July 06, 2002 - 12:30 am
Digital photos of 4th of July Parade by Gigi Pilcher & Dick Kauffman
Web graphics & slide show by Sitnews



4th of July Kids' Parade

Click to view slide show

QuickTimeClick on this link to view a slide show of the Kids' Parade (708K)

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Web posted: Thursday - July 04, 2002 - 11:15 pm
Digital photos by Gigi Pilcher
Web graphics by Sitnews


4th of July Queen & Royal Court 2002

July 4th Queen & Court

The 2002 Royal Court: Queen Lauren Elerding
1st Princess Katherine Buchanan - 2nd Princess Carie John
Ladies of the Court: Tallie Medel, Sonia Christensen and Christina Kralis
Click on the photo for a larger photo...
Original Digital Photos by Gigi Pilcher; Graphic designed by Sitnews.
Wednesday - July 03, 2002 - 11:55 pm

The 2002 Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce's Fourth of July Queen and the Royal Court were announced Wednesday evening at the Queen's Coronation event at the Cape Fox Lodge.

Borough Mayor Jack Shay was present to start off the evening's program by introducing the co-chairs, Carla Claasen and Renee Woodell. Carla Claasen thanked the merchants of Ketchikan for their generous support of the contestants. Over $4,500 in cash and prizes were showered upon the six contestants. The six contestants raised over $6,500 to support Ketchikan's fireworks display and the 4th of July parade.

The Royal Court will ride on the Queen's 4th of July parade float that is sponsored by the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce. This year's float is dedicated to Helen Hendricks who organized the Ketchikan Queen's contest for about 50 years.


Class of '82 - Preparing For The 4th of July Parade

Class of '82 Preparing For the Parade - click for larger photo
Click on photo for larger photo.....
Digital photo by Dick Kauffman
Wednesday - July 03, 2002 - 2:40 pm

Pictured: Debbie A. Merle from Ketchikan; Ray Thiemeyer from Seattle, WA.; Lewis Zastrow from Phoenix, AZ.; Mark Standerfer from Emmett, ID.; Marlin Davis from Ketchikan; Cindy Perry from Ketchikan; Eric Taylor and daughter Sharayah from Ketchikan; Sheila Miller from Ketchikan; Chris Anglin from Sitka; Kim Roskam from Ketchikan; Nancy Smith from Ketchikan; Kelly Cagley from Seattle; and Cindy Bruner from Seattle.

Class of '82 President Debbie A. Merle said approximately 75 out of the 157 graduates of the Ketchikan High School Class of 1982 are in town celebrating their 20th graduation anniversary. She said that about half the Class of '82 still live in Ketchikan.

Today, some of members of the Class of '82 gathered to decorate their float for the 4th of July parade. Cheerfully it was commented that before the Class of '82 began decorating their float this morning, they first had a spelling lesson. Earlier, the Class of '82 had raised their banner at the downtown tunnel with the word 'afraid' misspelled - which they have corrected.


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