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School Bus Rodeo Queen 2002 Crowned
Laidlaw School Bus Rodeo April 27th
Photos & Movie by Dick Kauffman


May 15, 2002
Wednesday - 12:30 am


Contestants left to right:
Alona (aka David Means) and Lady Bird (aka Mark Wilson)

Alona (aka David Means)


Contestants left to right:
Kaestani (aka Stan Felsman) and Alena (aka Allen Thorneburg)

Lady Bird (aka Mark Wilson)

Lady X ( aka Lydon) - Watches this year's contestants....


Master of Ceremony Sandy Felsman - joining in the
School Bus Rodeo festivities is School Superintendent Harry Martin...


The contestants parade past the judges in the final dance review.

QuickTime Watch a movie of the dance review past the judges.
1.1 MB - Movie will begin to play when the download is completed.


And the 2002 Rodeo Queen is.........Lady Bird (aka Mark Wilson)


Lady X hands the crown over to Lady Bird,
the 2002 School Bus Rodeo Queen


Lady Bird (aka Mark Wilson) places the crown on his head...


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