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"Meet Your Judges" and Law Day Event Held In Ketchikan


May 02, 2002
Thursday - 12:45 am

Mock Trial photo"Meet Yor Judges" and Law Day are only two of the many ways to make the justice system more understandable and on Wednesday, May 1st, the Ketchikan Court System along with local judges participated in the "Meet Your Judges"and Law Day event held in Ketchikan.

Activities marking the day were question and answer sessions and morning mock trials in which Middle School students from Craig, Alaska and 4th and 5th grade students from Ketchikan's White Cliff Elementary School participated.

In an afternoon activity, Pack 4 of the Ketchikan Cub Scouts held a mock trial - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - in one court room while members of the Ketchikan Youth Court held two mock trials across the hall.

On hand to address the students was a very special guest, Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court Dana Fabe.

Joining in the activities, Chief Justice Fabe participated as a witness in the the trial of Goldilocks and the Three Bears while Ketchikan Superior Court Judge Trevor Steven's observed the Ketchikan Youth Court mock trials and offered feedback to the members of the KYC.Chief Justice Fabe

From 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm a panel was formed to answer questions posed by students, court system personnel and the general public. The panel members were:

  • Karen Wolfred, Ketchikan Court System Administrator
  • Michael Thompson, Ketchikan Superior Court Judge
  • Trevor Stephens, Ketchikan Superior Court Judge
  • Kevin Miller, Ketchikan District Court Judge
  • Teresa Chenhall, Ketchikan Magistrate
  • Dana Fabe, Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court
  • Stephanie Cole, Administrative Director of the Alaska Court System
  • Neil Neisham, Area Court Administrator for the First Judicial District

A variety of questions were asked of the panel such as what did they want to be when they were in high school, what drew them to the law, what they enjoyed most about their FAbe & Wolfredpositions, and what were their greatest challenges. One question posed by students asked how many Judges in Alaska were Alaska Native - the response was none at this time - and other questions such as how did each of the panel members deal with stress, why do judges wear black robes and sit elevated on the "bench" and questions about jury duty. Chief Justice Fabe addressed the questions asked about the new therapeutic courts in the State and how judges are selected.

In an event prior to the start of the panel, Chief Justice Dana Fabe presented Ketchikan Court Administrator Karen Wolfred with a 2002 Phenomenal Woman Award. The Phenomenal Women Awards' luncheon and ceremony was held in Ketchikan in March to celebrate Women In History Month and to recognize women of Southern Southeast Alaska who had made significant contributions to their communities. Ms. Wolfred had been unable to attend the ceremony in March to receive her award.

Two members of the Alaska Judicial Council, attorney member Geoffrey Currall and public member Gigi Pilcher, were in attendance at Wednesday's events. The Alaska Judicial Council is made up of three attorney members, three public members with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court serving as the chair of the Council. More information about the Council and its purpose is available on the Alaska Judicial Council's web site.

Concluding the day's events was a reception for all the participants and members of the public.




Law Day, U.S.A, 2002: A Proclamation by the President of the United States



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